Children Toothgel

A gentle way to take care of your baby’s sensitive milk teeth. This pleasant-tasting, fluoride-free tooth gel will make brushing teeth a fun activity for your baby while inculcating a good habit in them.




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Free from Synthetic Fragrances

Free from Colourants

Free from Synthetic Preservatives

Free from Phthalate

Free from Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS)

Free from GMO

Carefully curated ingredients: Weleda put heads together with European dentists to formulate this natural tooth gel. The calendula extract and spearmint oil maintain the mouth’s natural balance while protecting the gums and teeth. Whereas silica prevents plaque buildup.

Pleasant-Minty taste: Since they especially designed it for children so it has a lovely taste without any addition of artificial sweeteners, flavours and sugar. The kids enjoy it and look forward to brushing.

Safe and healthy: Not only is it good for your baby’s teeth health, but it is also safe if swallowed. It is also SLS and fluoride free.

Certified and Tested: Dentists and Nature have certified this tooth gel.

Just squeeze a pea-size amount of Weleda Children’s Tooth Gel onto the toothbrush and gently cleanse the teeth and gums.







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#bumpdate 24 weeks & she’s the size of a cantaloupe. Can’t see my toes anymore  I’ve been using this weledacanada Mama Stretch Mark oil and so far so good! I researched a couple oils and ended up with this one as a mama approved choice. TBD on how well it will work for me. I’ve heard great things and I’m already running low!